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Embroideries are only available in Galleries and art fairs during exhibitions.

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Love, weed and vodka
Just fucking breathe
Fuck me
No pain, no gain
Sorry, I've moved on
Not Feeling it
To the good old days
Suck a bag of dicks
So fucking tired
I'm so high right now
Sex and the kitty
Oh my dawg
it's only a bad day
I'm never going out again
Big girls can cry
Forever Young
Fuck yeah
Take me down to the paradise city
Shit happens
But why?
Why not?
Hey man
Cold Hearted
Bla bla bla
Been there done that
Yas Queen
Shut the fuck up
Love Hurts
Feeling hot hot hot

© MC Marquis 2020

Love Hurts

2016 Vendu/Sold